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Student Visa (Subclass 500)

In order to gain a qualification that increases employability, develops the overall personality and enhances the knowledge of field, Australia welcomes the international students and Bajwa Immigration Consultants is at your service to assist you to come to Australia to study and be eligible to work in any part of the world. Student visa allows the applicants to study full time in registered education institutes and stay on temporary basis in Australia. The applicant must be at least 6 years of age and must be accepted by an educational institute to study in Australia.

The visa requirement checklist varies with level of country and educational provider.

The applicant needs to take admission and have a confirmation of enrolment from a registered education provider for the desired study.

If the applicant intends to study more than one course, they can have more than one Confirmation of Enrolment next beginning after the completion of previous. All the Confirmation of Enrolments is must to be included in the application of student visa.
Genuine Temporary Entrant Criteria is the pre-requisite for the grant of student visa. While considering your application for student visa, the Department of Home Affairs considers the factors including the following:

1. Circumstances in home country including economic situations, social ties, personal and professional ties.
2. Reasons for choosing Australia to study over your own home country 3. Circumstances in Australia that includes personal ties as compared to those with your home country, your knowledge and research about Australia and your
perspective incentive to return to home country after completion of studies. 4. The future perspectives of the chosen course of study and the incentive of study after returning to their home country and benefits of studying the chosen course in Australia.

5. Previous immigration history of the applicant including any visits to Australia or any other countries, any visa refusals or non-compliance with conditions the visa held of Australia or any other country.

At Bajwa Immigration Consultants, we will explain you about the GTE Criteria in detail and to provide the documents in support of your application to prove yourself a genuine entrant in Australia for student visa.
The applicant needs to provide the evidence of English language ability at the time of
applying the visa. The requirement of English language skills differ on each level of study
and from the country of citizenship of the applicant.
The applicant needs to meet the financial requirements for their stay in Australia which must be genuinely available to the applicant to pay the fee of course, living expenses for 12 months and the expenses to travel to and from Australia for the main applicant and all the dependent applicants included in the application and the financial evidence must be provided as proof of the availability of financial capacity in accordance to the requirement of Department of Home Affairs.

The visa could either be applied for the whole family or for the main applicant only and the dependent applicants can join at a later stage by applying Student Visa Subsequent Entrant. But it is mandatory to inform the department about all the family members to avoid any hassle later on. Ask us what this means

Student Guardian Visa (Subclass 590)

If the student is under 18 years of age, their parents can join the student as their guardians but does not allow the parents to work. Usually, only one parent can accompany their children and parents can stay in Australia until the student turns 18 years of age or completes his study and returns to their home country.

Student Visa (Subsequent Entrant Subclass 500)

If your partner or children did not apply for visa along with they may apply the visa at the later stage by fulfilling the requirements of the visa. The requirements of financial capacity and English Language are subject to change according to the level of the country and institute providing the course.
To check your eligibility for student visa, enquire from the proficient student visa team of Bajwa Immigration Consultants.



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