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Partner Visa

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Partner VISA

Partner visa (Subclass 820/801 and Subclass 309/100)

The partner visa permits the partner or spouse of an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen living in Australia. Depending upon where the applicant will be when they apply is partner visa subclass is categorized.

If the applicant is outside Australia at the time of applying visa application then the applicant will be assessed under:

  Partner (Provisional) visa (subclass 309) and Partner (Migrant) visa (subclass 100).

If the applicant is in Australia at the time of applying visa application then the applicant will be assessed under:

  Partner (Temporary) (class UK) (subclass 820) / Partner (Residence) (class BS) (subclass 801) visa.

Partner visa is obtained in a two-stage process. Initially, temporary partner visa application is granted that lets applicant to stay in Australia until permanent partner visa is processed. The applicant is eligible to be assessed for the permanent Partner visa from two years after 1st partner visa application lodged.

Provisional visa lets you live and work in Australia until a decision is made on your permanent partner visa. On permanent visa, you can stay permanently in Australia. Multiple travel facility allows you to travel outside Australia as many times as you want.

Several factors define the eligibility of partner visa. The major factors include:

  • RELATIONSHIP: You must be 18 or older you apply and must be married or in a de facto relationship with
    • An Australian citizen
    • An Australian permanent resident
    • An eligible New Zealand citizen.

  • CHARACTER: You must satisfy character requirement. Police certificates from countries you have lived in, and other documents combine character assessment.

  • HEALTH: Satisfying health requirement is one of the key eligibility aspects of partner visa. In some cases, members of the family unit who are not applying with applicant might, if requested, also need to meet the requirement.

  • EVIDENCE OF GENUINE RELATIONSHIP: To assist in deciding your application the decision maker must have regard to all of the circumstances of your relationship with your spouse including: the financial aspects of the relationship, the nature of the household, the social aspects of the relationship and the nature of your commitment to each other.

Several other factors like sponsor obligations, limitation of sponsorship, outstanding debts towards Australian government are also counted in while applying partner visa application.

You must:

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Prospective Marriage Visa (Subclass 300)

This visa allows applicants to migrate to Australia to marry their fiancé. This visa lets you stay for nine months and you should marry your fiancé and apply for a partner visa (subclasses 820 and 801) before this visa expires.



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